Angel of the Waters - Bethesda Terrace - Central Park2 by kempsternyc on Flickr.

"I wondered when I’d be seeing you Mr. Potter." More like WANDered, right Ollivander?

Stefano Orazzini, Palazzo Ducale, Venice

I love and hate Beforus designs for all the trolls. It’s like most people just take Condy’s design and remake it for Fef, or Redglare’s outfit and shove it on Ter as if either of them aren’t capable of having their own look completely. It’s like people forget that all the trolls might look up to their ancestors, but on Beforus they are essentially the ancestors so their look needs to be entirely their own that defines their personality and the type of role they would play in that society. So Karkat and Nepeta wouldn’t be just another Sufferer/Signless and Disciple, Vriska isn’t going to be like Mindfang, and the same goes for the rest. It’s like most people forget the character development the trolls get when they finally realize they aren’t going to be their ancestors all over again. That decision is really only solidified when they meet the dancestors. And if people didn’t seem to notice these characters essentially went into shock and had to recreate themselves by trying to figure out who they really were. It’s just really unfair to not expand on that properly when we design our own Beforus outfits for them.


snack time


Super Mikoshibas with bonus Wausuke and Waruka cameo print


Tiny legs

A cat’s purring is really weird to me. One minute they could sound like water bubbling and the next they sound like a squeaky conveyor belt.


Daily Paint #665 - Bat Quickie by Cryptid-Creations

This replaces the carebear thing I did an hour ago.


*puts more sugar in my sweet tea*